Chunuk Bair (Conkbayırı) Atatürk Victory Monument

Çanakkale dardanelles chunk bair

Chunuk Bair (Conkbayırı)

The highest point north of the Chunuk Bair (Conkbayırı) is Chunuk Hill and there is a bronze sculpture of Atatürk on it. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism built this sculpture in 1993. The statue and monument are called Chunuk Bair (Conkbayırı). The ministry built the monument in memory of the Chunuk Bair Battle because Colonel Mustafa Kemal, Commander of the Anafartalar Group led the war on August 10, 1915. This memorial has the distinction of being the newest monument built in the region.

The Watch Saving A Country in Chunuk Bair

the picture was taken minutes after He was hit

The war includes many stories but story from Chunuk Bair is one of the most important ones in Turkish history. When Mustafa Kemal was leading the Chunuk Bair conflict on August 10, 1915, a shrapnel hit him in the chest. Thanks to the watch he had in his right breast pocket, he survived. The event is commemorated at the location by a monument composed of four cannonballs and a plaque.  This monument is undoubtedly an essential historical site in Çanakkale.

Namazgâh Bastion Museum

namazgah basion museum

The Namazgâh Bastion was the first and largest bastion, and built at the narrowest point of the Dardanelles Strait. (“Bastion” refers to a military structure defending a region and strengthened with weapons). As the headquarters for the Ottoman forces, Namazgâh Bastion was a key target for the Allied Navy. The name of the bastion, namazgâh, means ‘open masjid’ and refers to the large courtyard where soldiers prayed.

Canakkale Epic Promotion Center

Canakkale epic promotion center

The center opened in 2012 and the Canakkale Epic Promotion Center’s aim is to remember the heroism displayed during the Dardanelles campaign and pass these memories to future generations. Moreover, It takes place in a closed area of 8,600 square meters. The presentation center has 11 interactive exhibition halls and a library with works related to the Gallipoli Campaign. Narration in seven languages including English, German, French and Russian  as well as Japanese, Italian and Arabic offers an outstanding experience. However, The charge may depend on the date you visit the museum.

How Can I Go To Çanakkale – Dardanelles?

Çanakkale is a city in the Marmara region of Turkey. If you would like to visit Çanakkale, there are several ways you can get there:

  1. By plane: You can fly to Istanbul, which is the closest major airport to Çanakkale, and then take a domestic flight to Çanakkale Airport. From there, you can take a taxi or bus to the city center.
  2. By bus: There are many bus companies that operate daily buses from Istanbul and other major cities in Turkey to Çanakkale. You can check the schedules and book tickets online or through a travel agency.
  3. By car: You can rent a car in Istanbul or another major city and drive to Çanakkale. The journey takes around 5-6 hours depending on your starting location and the route you take.
  4. By ferry: If you would like to take a more scenic route, you can take a ferry from Istanbul or another city on the Marmara Sea to Çanakkale. The ferry ride takes around 8-10 hours.
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