Pissa Beach Dikili Izmir

pissa beach dikili izmir beaches

Pissa Cove

Bademli Village is a small village in Izmir. With the recent fame of Pissa beach, which has become quite popular in recent years, more people have come to know about Bademli Village. Pissa Bay was discovered late, but we are grateful for this discovery. It is truly a hidden paradise. Its distance from other locations in Izmir makes Pissa Bay a perfect place for a quiet escape.

What is Pissa Beach like?

It’s a fantastic secluded cove. Even though it has been turned into a beach, it still maintains its beauty. Of course, we shouldn’t forget the people and businesses here, because in order for nature to be preserved, people need to protect it. This place has been preserved in that way. The area where Pissa Beach is located is actually a protected area. The back part is also an olive grove. The part with the olive grove is privately owned. As it is known, according to the law, all coastline is legally open to public use. This point creates some confusion for some people as to why the beach is not free. However, thanks to the businesses in Pissa Bay, the beach is carefully preserved.

The sea entrance is rocky for 2-3 meters and the rest is completely sandy. It is a place similar to Ayazma Beach in Bozcaada. The color and sand of the sea in Pissa Cove, with its turquoise color, will enchant you. The sea temperature is quite normal compared to the other seas of Dikili and Bademli Villages. In other words, it is not cold.

How Much Is The Fame Beach?

The beach itself is free of charge. At the entrance of the beach, there are some facilities and you can rent sun beds and umbrellas. Since prices vary every season, we cannot give a definite price.

Bademli Village

Bademli Village is a place located between Izmir and Ayvalik and is neighboring the island of Lesbos. It has an amazing location with waters as turquoise as the Maldives, but even cleaner. Bademli Village is not like Alacati, Bodrum, or Cesme, but it has an atmosphere that can provide the beauty of those places without the crowds. If you are looking to swim in seas as beautiful as Alacati or Bodrum but don’t want to exceed your budget, Bademli Village welcomes you with open arms. It has a quieter and more peaceful environment compared to other popular holiday destinations and boasts hidden coves waiting to be discovered.

Bademli Village has many picturesque coves, but one stands out from the rest with its stunning views and mesmerizing sea. That cove is Pissa Bay. Once you arrive, you will be enchanted by the beauty of the bay, the surrounding landscape, and the turquoise waters. Pissa Bay was discovered late, which is why it has remained an unspoiled paradise. The bay is a perfect place to relax, sunbathe, swim, or simply enjoy the peaceful surroundings. It’s definitely worth a visit if you are in the area.

How To Get To Pissa Beach In Dikili Izmir?

Getting to Pissa Cove by car: If you are coming from the direction of Izmir, you can follow the Izmir-Canakkale road. You need to head north until you see the Dikili exit. If you are coming from the direction of Ayvalik or Bergama, you can also follow the Izmir-Canakkale road towards Izmir. If you want to get there by your car, you can reach google link of the route.

Before heading to Pissa Bay, it’s essential to research transportation options. When you leave the Bademli Village market, you will come across a lifeless tree called the “direction tree.” When you turn right, you will reach a dirt road. On your left, you will see the coastal road. By continuing on the dirt road, you will reach the bay. You must visit this beach, which is located 15 minutes away by car from Bademli Village.

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