Wizarding World Harry Potter Store opens in Istanbul

wizarding world harry potter store istanbul turkey

Wizarding World, Harry Potter store, Opens in Istanbul

A gateway to the enchanting universe of the beloved film series Harry Potter is set to open in Istanbul Turkey. The upcoming Wizarding World store in Istanbul is poised to join the ranks of a few exclusive stores worldwide.

Istanbul Welcomes the Fourth Global “Wizarding World” Store

Scheduled to open on December by the Sihir Dükkanı company, this store is the fourth global “Wizarding World” outlet. Located in the Mall of Istanbul, it’s to be a significant investment, aiming to attract Harry Potter fans not only from Europe. It is also from the Middle East, the Balkans, and the surrounding regions.

The Phenomenon of Harry Potter

J.K. Rowling’s creativity has catapulted the Harry Potter series to global popularity, turning it into a cult phenomenon with a vast fan base through its books and movies. Sihir Dükkanı has been operating for about four years as Turkey’s first licensed Harry Potter partner and a producer and retail partner of the Warner Bros. Discovery family. With this new store, Sihir Dükkanı aims to offer a unique shopping experience to Harry Potter fans in Turkey.

Wizarding World Shop – A Haven for Fans

Spread over 200 square meters in the Mall of Istanbul, the “Wizarding World Shop by Sihir Dükkanı” will host approximately 1500 products from the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts series. The store’s interior design reflects the impressive atmosphere of the Harry Potter universe, featuring quotes from the series on the walls, iconic character figures in the display windows, and other captivating details.

Exclusive Activities of Wizarding World for Visitors

The store will offer unique activities not found elsewhere such as “Wand Selection” “Finding Your Hogwarts House with the Sorting Hat,” “Trying on the Invisibility Cloak,” and “Photo Opportunities at Platform 9 ¾.” It will be open to visitors every day from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

A Special Opening Day at the Wizarding World Shop

Visitors can expect a memorable experience on the opening day with special events, gifts, and a day filled with Harry Potter-themed treats. The Shop promises to unite the passion for the Harry Potter universe in an unforgettable way. No matter where you are, Istanbul will cast a spell on you! Here is the google maps link of the mall the shop is located in.

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