5 Roads in Italy to Ride Before You Die

5 roads in Italy to ride

Italy’s Ultimate Rides: 5 Roads in Italy to Ride Before You Die

Italy’s landscape offers a tapestry of roads that weave through its heart, promising adventures that should top your travel bucket list. These are 5 roads in Italy that provide more than a route; they are journeys that capture the essence of Italy. Here’s your guide to five Italian roads you must ride to believe. Don’t forget toread about magic of Trevi fountain in Italy!

1. Stelvio Pass: The Serpentine Spectacle

5 roads in Italy to ride

One of the 5 roads in Italy andOften crowned as the king of mountain passes, the Stelvio Pass (not angello pass) is a mecca for motorists and cyclists alike. With 48 hairpin turns, this road ascends to the heavens, offering views that defy description. Each bend is a pulse of pure driving pleasure, a dance with nature’s grandeur in Italy. Here is the google maps link.

2. Colle del Nivolet: A Peek into Paradise

5 roads in Italy to ride

Tucked within the Graian Alps, the Colle del Nivolet is an open secret among road trippers. Its ascent is a quiet hymn, with panoramas unfolding around every curve. The road, featured in the classic film ‘The Italian Job,’ offers a blend of cinematic allure and tranquility. Google Maps link.

3. SS125 Orientale Sarda: Sardinia’s Coastal Charm

This coastal route is a ribbon that hugs Sardinia’s rugged shores. The SS125 Orientale Sarda isn’t just a drive; it’s an exploration of azure waters, abrupt cliffs, and a horizon that calls to adventurers. Each kilometer promises a postcard-perfect scene, etching memories as vivid as the waters it parallels. Here is the google maps link.

4. SS17bis: Through the Campo Imperatore


Riding the SS17bis is akin to venturing through a painting. This road cuts through the Campo Imperatore, a high mountain plateau often likened to ‘Italy’s Little Tibet.’ The landscape is stark, raw, and overwhelmingly beautiful, with the road acting as your guide through the Apennine Mountains. Here is the google maps link.

5. Sella Ronda: The Dolomite’s Crown Jewel

5 roads in Italy to ride

A circuit that encircles the majestic Sella group, the Sella Ronda is a carousel of alpine scenery. This route is a symphony of nature, where the Dolomites showcase their awe-inspiring beauty at every twist and turn. It’s a harmonious loop that encapsulates the grandeur of the Italian Alps.

Each of these roads in Italy is a journey, a story waiting to be told. Riding them is not just about the destination; it’s about embracing the Italian spirit, one kilometer at a time. So rev your engines or pedal down hard; these routes promise the ride of a lifetime.

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