The ancient city of Metropolis Torbali

The ancient city of Metropolis

In this blog, we provide detailed information about ancient city of Metropolis in Izmir. You will reach every detailed and history of the ruins.

The ancient city of Metropolis came alive in the 3rd century BC during the Kingdom of Selluokos. It took its name after the Mother Goddess and was famous as an important center of the Hellenistic period. The city had magnificent city walls and a temple dedicated to Ares, the god of war. Metropolis was also famous for its high-quality and original sculptures.

metropolis torbalı

During the Roman Empire period, the city expanded downwards to the foothills and new structures. The Atrium, the Roman House, and the temple of Zeuswere were built. In the Byzantine period, the city became an episcopal center but began to shrink due to wars. The city walls became narrow, and the city was just the castle, the stoa, and the acropolis.

One of the most significant structures in Metropolis is the ancient theater. It was built on a natural hillside and had a capacity of 8-10 thousand people. The theater consisted entirely of marble and had sections for the orchestra, stage building, seating. The theater was first built in the late Hellenistic period and expanded during the Roman period. The cavea with seating is divided into two diazomes with a corridor. The edges of the staircase are decorated with lions’ feet, each with a different pattern.

Overall, Metropolis is a fascinating ancient city with a rich history and many impressive structures. Visitors who are into history and archaeology should definitely consider adding it to their itinerary when visiting the Torbalı area.

How to Get to ancient city of Metropolis?

Metropolis in Torbalı can be easy to reach by car or by public transportation from İzmir city center. Here is the google maps link of the destination.

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