Delikli Koy ( Delikli Bay ) Cesme Izmir

delikli koy Cesme Izmir beach

Delikli Koy ( Delikli Bay ) Cesme

Until a few years ago, Delikli Koy was a hidden gem that only the locals knew about, but now it has become a new discovery for those seeking a quiet, calm, and peaceful holiday destination in Izmir.

This place is quiet and calm because the sea is colder and the beach has pebbles compared to many other beaches. What makes the cove more unique and attractive to those seeking peace during their vacation are the natural rocks that form within the sea. In fact, the name of the cove comes from the hollows of these natural rocks that formed as a result. The cove is mainly preferred for swimming through these hollows that form in the middle of these rocks. Another reason why it is famous is the availability of areas for camping in the surrounding area. Campers choose this place for camping, enjoying the sea, and also for seeing these formations.

delikli koy delikli bay Cesme Izmir Beaches

Features of Delikli Koy Beach

Compared to other beaches in Cesme, it is a relatively calmer beach. The sea is a bit colder, but it is as clean as other beaches. There are areas with seaweed in the open waters, but it does not compromise the cleanliness, in fact, it provides a unique visual spectacle when viewed from above. The seabed and the shore are completely covered with pebbles. Therefore, if you decide to go, be sure to bring your water shoes with you.

The beach is quite windy, but the wind is not too strong. Occasionally, the sea can be wavy due to the effect of the wind.Since the depth of the sea increases suddenly, we can say that it is not suitable for beginners who are just learning to swim and families with children. Also, the pebble-covered shore and sea bed, and the fact that access is provided by walking on rocks are also the main reasons why families with children may not prefer this beach.

Unfortunately, there is no facility within the beach where you can buy food or drinks. Therefore, it is useful to come prepared. Finally, there are no facilities such as dressing rooms or toilets to meet your basic needs on the beach.

Entrance Fee Of Delikli Bay

The entrance to Delikli Koy is completely free of charge. There is no facility to meet your needs on the beach, so it is useful to come prepared.

Where is Delikli Koy and how to get there?

To get to Delikli Koy, you can take a bus from Cesme town center to Dalyanköy or Şifne and get off at the intersection on the main road. From there, you can walk about 1.5 kilometers to the beach. Alternatively, you can take a taxi or drive to the beach. There is a small parking area near the beach where you can park your vehicle. Here is the google maps link of the beach.

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