Cıldır Lake Has Frozen

Cıldır Lake

Cıldır Lake Has Frozen Recently

Cıldır lake froze due to the effects of the cold weather. The first stop for those coming to Kars with the Eastern Express and tour agencies is Frozen Cıldır Lake.

Çıldır Lake

People have begun to bring sleds onto the frozen lake on the Kars side. However, the ice has not yet reached the desired thickness, so sledding tours have not yet started.

çıldır lake çıldır gölü

The owners of the sleds allowed tourists to take pictures.

Çıldır lake

One of the sled owners complained about the thinness of the ice and said, ‘We didn’t just want to take pictures. I hope the next group can enjoy this experience.’

Citizens who came to the region through tour agencies rushed onto the frozen Çıldır Lake as soon as they got off the buses. The citizens who rushed onto the ice, competing with each other, were first afraid of the ‘cracking’ sound of the ice they stepped on, and then took lots of pictures on the ice. The pictures of the people on the ice sheet reflected colorful views.

What Is The Best Way To Go Lake Cıldır?

It is possible to take the Orient Express (also known as the Eastern Express or Doğu Ekspresi in Turkish) to Kars, which is located near Çıldır Lake. The Orient Express is a long-distance passenger train that runs between Istanbul and Kars, with stops along the way in various cities in Turkey. The journey from Istanbul to Kars takes approximately 36 hours by train. Once you arrive in Kars, you can then take a taxi or hire a car to reach Çıldır Lake. Keep in mind that the lake may only be accessible during certain times of the year, depending on weather conditions. It is always a good idea to check with local authorities and tour providers for up-to-date information and to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip.

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