Perge Ancient City Antalya

Perge Ancient City Antalya

Perge Ancient City

Perge Ancient City takes place in the Aksu district, 17 kilometers east of the city center of Antalya. Some believe that it existed during the Hittite Period as “Parha,”. The city became one of the most organized cities in Anatolia during the Roman Period. Its architecture and marble sculpture have made it famous. The statues discovered during the excavations in the ancient city have made the Antalya Museum an important sculpture museums.

Perge Theater hall Gallery

The city plan of Perge is based on two main streets extending in the east-west and north-south directions. The theater, with a capacity of 15,000 spectators, is well preserved. The two-story stage building decorated with care, opposite the seating area, dates back to 2nd century AD. Visitors can continuously visit the works in the Perge Theater Hall” at the Antalya Museum. The perfection of these statues reflects the unique style of the Perge sculpture school in a very beautiful way. Another basic structure of the ancient city of Perge, the stadium, is one of the best preserved stadiums in Turkey. The stadium, from the 2nd century BC north of the theater, has a capacity of approximately 12,000 spectators.

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Other social and cultural structures reflecting the majesty of the city in ancient times include the rectangular-shaped agora, tall towers, monumental fountains, baths, and colonnaded streets. Perge is also important for Christianity. One of the most important figures in Christianity, Saint Paul, arrived in Perge during missionary journeys across the Aksu River. Due to its mention in the Bible, the city and river are among one of the holy places of Christianity.

How Can I Go To Perge Ancient City?

By car: If you have your own car, you can drive to Perge from the city center of Antalya. It is about a 25-minute drive from the city center, depending on traffic. Click here to reach google maps.

By public transportation: You can take a public bus or minibus from the city center to Perge Ancient City. The bus or minibus will drop you off at the entrance to the ancient city.

By taxi: You can hire a taxi to take you to Perge from the city center of Antalya. This option may be more expensive than the others, but it is also the most convenient.

By organized tour: You can join an organized tour to here from Antalya. Many travel agencies and tour operators offer tours to the city as a day trip from Antalya. 

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