Getting Married in Turkey

getting married in turkey

Paperwork and Legal Procedures for Foreigners

With the increasing globalization, there is a growing trend of mixed marriages. However, the process of getting married in Turkey as a foreigner can be quite lengthy and challenging, with several formalities and procedures to follow. This has led many individuals to opt for a civil marriage in their own country and only have the wedding ceremony and festivities in Turkey.

If you are searching for information regarding the necessary paperwork and legal procedures for a foreign individual to get married in Turkey, this is the ideal place for you! On this page, we have gathered crucial information that you need to know.

It is important to keep in mind that this summary is not exhaustive and that changes may occur at any time. Turkey’s laws and regulations can be subject to modifications, and new laws may be introduced unexpectedly. Additionally, the required legal procedures and paperwork may vary based on your country of origin. Therefore, it is recommended to consult your consulate for the most accurate information.

Paperwork For Getting Married in Turkey as a Foreigner

We suggest that you reach out to the Turkish registry office for specific information regarding your individual circumstances. However, typically, the following documents are required for the standard procedure:

Paperwork Required from the Turkish Partner:

The process of getting married in Turkey as a foreigner starts with;

Turkish ID card
Photocopy of the ID card with a picture
Personal status register extract
Registration certificate
6 recent passport photos (taken within the last 6 months)
Health certificate for marriage obtained from a state hospital in Turkey.
Paperwork Needed From the Foreign Partner:
Passport and notarized translation of the passport
6 passport photos, not older than 6 months

Health certificate for getting married in Turkey, issued by a state hospital in Turkey

International certificate of no impediment to marriage (International (Multilingual) Marriage License) for getting married in Turkey as a foreigner, issued by the local registry office in the country of the foreign partner
A certificate of celibacy: If a consulate is located in Istanbul, the celibacy certificate is obtained there and approved by the Istanbul Governorship Legal Affairs Directorate or the District Governor’s Registrar’s Office. Those whose consulate is in Ankara get approval by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If the celibacy certificate is to be obtained from his/her own country, it must be certified by the embassy or have an apostille approval.
Birth Certificate (If the mother’s name, father’s name, place of birth and date of birth are specified in the celibacy certificate, a birth certificate is not required.)
Foreign nationals must not have expired their residence permit, work permit or visa. If these periods expire, the marriage cannot be realized.
Accommodation certificate or rental agreement is required. (Valid for two foreign national couples.)
If the foreign partner does not speak Turkish, the presence of a certified translator is required.

No Impediment to Marriage Certificate

The foreign partner must apply for the international certificate of no impediment to marriage. It must be in writing through a form at the registry office in their place of residence. In case they no longer reside in their home country, registry office of their last place of residency is responsible. It is advisable to check with the registry office to determine which specific documents are required to accompany the application. As a general rule, the following documents are needed. However, it’s important to note that this list may not be exhaustive and changes can occur.

Paperwork Required From The Foreign Partner For The Process Of Getting Married In Turkey As A Foreigner

Birth certificate, certificate of lineage, or certified copy/extract from the parents’ family register
Certified photocopy of passport as proof of citizenship
Proof of last place of residence provided by the registration office
Marital status confirmation from the registration office.

Paperwork Required from the Turkish Partner:

Birth certificate (Form A)
Passport or certified photocopy of ID card
Extract from the civil status register (registration certificate)
If previously married: proof of dissolution (divorce decree, if applicable, along with recognition decree/notice).

It’s important to note that all the documents must be translated into Turkish by a certified translator. Furthermore, after translation, the registration certificate and the extract from the civil status register must be stamped with an apostille from the Turkish authorities. If there was a previous divorce, the divorce decree must also be stamped with an apostille. It is important to be aware that obtaining the international certificate of no impediment cannot be done quickly and to expect a processing time of 2-6 weeks. For more detailed information, reach out to the responsible registry office.

Health Certificate

X-ray of the lungs
Determination of blood group
Mediterranean anemia (not applicable for persons over 50 years of age)

It’s important to note that by law, syphilis, gonorrhea, chancroid, leprosy, and tuberculosis are considered as impediments to marriage, and a health certificate will not be provided in such cases.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that no matter where the tests are taken, the health certificate must be signed and certified by your “Aile Hekim” (family doctor). Hence, it’s advisable to consult your family doctor before undergoing any tests. The health certificate is valid for 6 months.
Once you have gathered all the required documents, nothing else will prevent you from getting married. You can then schedule a date at the Turkish registry office by visiting the city hall. Both partners must be present to schedule the date and fill out a form to determine the possible dates for the wedding.

Witnesses at a Turkish Wedding

It’s important to note that the witnesses play a crucial role in the wedding ceremony, as they will sign the official marriage certificate along with the couple. In Turkey, it’s common for close friends or family members to serve as witnesses. Just make sure they are available on your wedding day and bring their identification with them. With all the legal requirements in place and the witnesses ready, it’s time to tie the knot and enjoy your special day in Turkey!

It’s important to keep in mind that different registry offices may have different regulations regarding witnesses for weddings in Turkey. Some registry offices may not accept the parents of the couple as witnesses or they may be considered secondary witnesses to other official witnesses. Additionally, the number of witnesses may vary and some offices may allow for more than 4 witnesses. It is best to inquire with the registry office when filling out the necessary forms for your wedding to understand their specific requirements.

Marriage in the Registry Office in Turkey

After the ceremony, the couple will receive a “family book,” which is an official proof of their marriage. However, this may not be recognized in other countries and the couple may need to obtain an international marriage certificate from the civil registry office. The recognition of the marriage in foreign countries will vary and the couple should consult their local consulate for more information.

Some couples choose to only get married in the registry office without a ceremony afterwards. In that case, the time outside of the city hall will be longer in order for everybody to congratulate the couple. However, if the marriage is followed by a celebration, the couple will quickly wrap it up and go for pictures before the celebration starts.
It’s important to note that some guests may attend only the registry office wedding and therefore want to see the couple and give them a gift before they leave. Other guests who are attending the celebration may choose to give their gifts at the celebration instead.

Certificate of Marriage

certificate of marriage turkey

It may not be recognized in its current form in foreign countries. Therefore, to have your marriage recognized in your home country, you may need to obtain an international marriage certificate. You must get “Evlenme Kayıt Örneği Formül B”, from the Turkish civil registry office. Then you must follow the procedure for validation through your home country’s consulate.

Name Declaration After Gettin Married in Turkey

It is important to note that in Turkey, a woman must take her husband’s surname when they get married, but may also use her birth surname in front of her husband’s surname by making an application to the marriage officer or later to the registration office. This is a common practice and allows the woman to keep her identity while also taking on her husband’s surname. In that case, the foreign partner would need to contact their country’s consulate to learn about the procedures to have their name change recognized in their country of birth.

In addition to the name declaration, the couple will need to provide the marriage certificate issued by the Turkish registrar and other required documents, which may vary depending on the country of birth. The foreign consulate will then process the name declaration and issue a new passport with the new surname. It is important to note that the procedures and requirements for the name declaration may vary depending on the country and it’s best to check with the specific consulate for more information.

It’s recommended to check with the specific foreign consulate for any additional requirements or specific procedures for changing the surname. The required documents may vary depending on the country and it’s important to have all necessary documents ready before the appointment to avoid any delays in the process of getting married in Turkey as a foreigner

Please note that this process may take several weeks or even months and the requirements may vary depending on the foreign country and its regulations. It’s recommended to check with the relevant foreign consulate for exact procedures and time frames.

Residence in Turkey After Marriage

turkish resident card after getting married

Additionally, you may need to provide various documents. These are your passport, marriage certificate, proof of financial support, and health insurance, to apply for the residence permit. Requirements and processes can vary. Therefore, it is advisable to check the latest information with the authorities in Turkey or consult with a immigration attorney.

It’s always best to check with the local authorities for the most up-to-date. You should accurate information regarding the requirements for obtaining a residence and/or work permit in Turkey. It’s also important to note that the specific requirements may vary based on individual circumstances.

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