Gumuskesen Grave Monument

gümüşkesen monument

The ashes of Halicarnassus’ Mausoleum

The city council built gumuskesen grave monument built for an important family of Milas. It is located near the ancient city necropolis (cemetery) on the eastern side of the Sodra Mountain (Sodra Dağı) in Milas. The marble of the tomb extracted from the Sodra Mountain quarries, rises on a flat platform due to the slope. Basically, it consists of three parts. The burial room is the room in which the deaths are still present. The middle floor is the room columns surroun which they held religious ceremonies in. The last one is the top floor supported by these columns.

The ceiling of the roof was obtained as a result of the large marble blocks overflowing and narrowing inwards. It was embellished with motifs emphasizing the importance of the person lying in the tomb. Moreover, It shows us the high level of workmanship in shaping the stone.

Although it resembles Halicarnassus’ Mausoleum which is one of the world’s 7 wonders, it is certainly unique. Its relatives are in the Eastern Mediterranean and North Mezopotamia (South East Anatolia). Due to the construction technique and grave marble decorations, it dates back to the 2nd century medium.

How Can I Go To Gumuskesen Grave Monument?

Gümüşkesen grave monument is located in Milas, Turkey. To get there, you will need to travel to Milas and then find the specific location of the monument. Here are a few potential options for getting to Milas:

  1. By airplane: If you are traveling to Milas from a distant location, you may be able to find a direct flight to Milas-Bodrum Airport (BJV). From the airport, you can take a taxi or other transportation to get to the monument.
  2. By car: If you are traveling to Milas by car, you will need to follow the appropriate route based on your starting location. You can use a map or GPS navigation system to help you find the best route. Click here to reach google maps.
  3. By bus or train: Depending on your starting location, it may be possible to reach Milas by bus or train. You can check schedules and prices for these options online or at a transportation terminal.

Once you have arrived in Milas, you will need to find the specific location of Gümüşkesen grave monument. You can use a map or GPS navigation system to help you find the monument, or you can ask for directions from locals.

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