Kurşunlu Mosque

Kurşunlu Mosque

Kurşunlu Mosque (Kurşunlu Cami) is an Ottoman mosque located in the Menteşe Balıbey District in Mugla. It was built in 1493 by Es seyit Şücaaddin. Şerif Efendi built the narthex later in 1900. Hacı İsmail built its minaret in the same years. The mosque used to have a madrasah with thirty rooms in the past. it differentiates it from other mosques in Muğla. The most important feature of the mosque is its large lead-dome. The hand-carved decorations inside is consist of madder paint brought from Rhodes. The main smooth cut stone walls bear the features of Seljuk Architecture.

How Can I Go To Kurşunlu Mosque in Milas, Mugla?

Kurşunlu Mosque is in the village of Kurşunlu in the district of Milas in the province of Muğla, Turkey. If you would like to visit the mosque, there are a few options for getting there:

  1. By car: If you have a car, you can drive to there. The mosque is about 30 kilometers northwest of the city of Muğla. Click here to Google maps.
  2. By bus: You can take a bus to the village from the city of Muğla. The bus journey takes about 45 minutes.
  3. By taxi: You can also take a taxi from the city of Muğla. The taxi journey takes about 45 minutes.


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