Scholar and Philosopher Hacı Bektas-i Veli

haci bektas-i veli

Hacı Bektas-i Veli

After Islam’s arrival in Anatolia, it became the home of several famous Muslim scholars and philosophers. At the end of the 13th century, the Turkish and Muslim Hacı Bektas-i Veli settled in Anatolia. The core tenets of this sage’s philosophy, crucial to achieving unity among the different Turkish groups in Anatolia. It embody the spirit and substance of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The town of Hacıbektaş, 45km from Nevşehir, has a 14th-century mosque complex. The complex includes the tomb of him, a mosque, guesthouse, kitchen, wishing tree and an area for ascetics. The complex, now a museum, has been in the Tentative List of UNESCO’s World Heritage.


What Are The Teachings of Hacı Bektasi Veli?

Haci Bektasi Veli was a 13th-century Sufi mystic and poet who is revered as a spiritual leader in Turkey. His teachings focused on the importance of love, compassion, and the unity of all people. Some key teachings of Haci Bektasi Veli include:

  • Love: Haci Bektasi Veli believed that love was the most important force in the universe and the key to spiritual enlightenment. He believed that love should be the driving force behind all human actions and that it was the path to true happiness.
  • Compassion: Haci Bektasi Veli taught that compassion was essential for living a fulfilling and meaningful life. He believed that people should strive to show compassion and kindness to others, especially to those who are less fortunate or marginalized.
  • Unity: Haci Bektasi Veli preached that all people are equal and that there should be no distinctions based on race, religion, or social status. He believed that unity and cooperation were essential for building a harmonious society.
  • Tolerance: Haci Bektasi Veli was an advocate for tolerance and understanding between different cultures and religions. He believed that people should respect and accept one another’s differences and work together towards a common goal.

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