Firuz Bey Mosque

The building is located in the middle of a large courtyard in the Firuz Paşa District in the city centre in Mugla. Firuz Bey Mosque was built in 1394. The south of the mosque between Hisarbaşı and Yeldeğirmeni is in the center of an area having madrasah rooms. The building has another name as “Kurşunlu” mosque owing to its lead-covered dome. Lead means Kurşun in Turkish. Firuz bey mosque is called also “Gök” mosque because of the colour of the marble used in the main walls. There are three entrances to the courtyard from three directions: south, north and east. The building, which has characteristics of antique Ottoman architecture, has an inverted “T” plan. When is ramadan 2024

How Can I Go To Mugla and Firuz Bey Mosque?

Firuz Bey Mosque is a historical mosque located in the city of Muğla, in southwestern Turkey. If you would like to visit the mosque, here are some ways you can get there:

  1. By plane: The closest airport to Muğla is Dalaman Airport, which is located about an hour’s drive from the city. From the airport, you can take a taxi or rental car to Muğla and then follow the signs to the mosque.
  2. By bus: There are frequent bus services from major cities in Turkey, such as Istanbul and Izmir, to Muğla. You can check the schedules and book tickets online or through a travel agency. From the bus station in Muğla, you can take a taxi or walk to the mosque.
  3. By car: If you have your own car or are planning to rent one, you can drive to Muğla and follow the signs to the mosque. The journey from Istanbul takes around 8-9 hours, depending on your starting location and the route you take. Click here to reach google maps.
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