Yediler Monastery

yediler monastery

Yediler Monastery is located in Gölyaka Village (Gölyaka Köyü) in the borders of Bafa District in Milas, Muğla. It is the largest monastery in the region. The Yediler Monastery consists of a large courtyard in the east and a small one in the west surrounded by rocks. To the north of the small courtyard, there is an upper castle. There is also a shelter castle on a single rock to the south, fortified with loopholes.

Yediler Monastery Milas Muğla

It was probably a religion centre in the southwest. Two chapels and an apse present formed by a wall on the inside, used as a chapel. The entrance to the underground front room of the chapel is serviced by a staircase in front of the west wall of the church.

There are wall paints with scenes of Jesus’ life, actions and death, the resurrection of Lazarus, the crucifixion of the Prophet Jesus, the tomb and the Anastasis (resurrection) scene, and other important events in Christianity.

The Walking Route Of Yediler Monastery

How can I reach Yediler Monastery?

One of the interesting fact about this attraction is that you can't reach the ruins themselves but you can reach the village close to it by your car or public transportations. When you reach the village, you should find the start point of the route. Don't worry because the locals are very helpful. They will show you the way. The route is about 3 kilometers and it takes almost 1 hour to walk. The walk includes stairs, little hills, slopes and gardens of locals. I think I hear that you are wondering how you will find the way without a guidance.

The mark of yodeler route

The people who visited here before your visit. You will have to follow the color marks which are on the stones or trees etc. By following them, you will easily reach the ruins. We were lost at some point of the walk, though. When we were lost, we get whatever we can from beautiful view of the  sea and nature over the hills we sat on.

The view from the route of yodeler monastery

The challenges you will encounter will fade away as soon as you reach there. You will find the opportunity to get interacted with the ancient people from one thousand years ago by touching the drawing they created. The way back is much easier when compared with going there. At the end of the day when you reach your car, you feel tired but happy at the same time.

when needed, here is the link of Milas Municipality.

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