Myndos Ancient City

myndos ancient city

Myndos ancient city is one of the cities mentioned by the ancient writers, what is now as Gümüşlük. The king Mausole of Caria. founded the city. It is very easy to reach. There are Byzantine churches, city walls, the remains of Myndos ancient city, and the ruins of the jetty and tower. Apart from them, there is nothing you can see on the ground. However, if you observe well, you can see half-covered columns, mosaic traces, ceramic pieces almost everywhere under the ground. This city, which Alexander the Great had surrendered but failed to conquer, is a cute fishing village today.

It is a place that produced wine in ancient times. With the thought of being good for the stomach, People drunk Myndos wine after  blending it with sea water. This custom used to be elsewhere in ancient times. The town of Gümüşlük, today’s Myndos, is famous for its tangerine gardens. Even though not on a big scale, rug weaving is also a part of the culture. Koyunbaba resort near Gümüşlük was a quarry during Mausoleus era. It is one of the places worth seeing.

How Can I Go To Myndos Ancient City?

1 km from Kadı Castle in the Bodrum district of Muğla province, its guards are on the hill called Bozdağ. There is no road to the hill and the walk takes about 1 hour. It is in Bodrum district of Muğla province. It is very close to the Bodrum port. You can find the Gümüşlük road from the center of Bodrum.

Can I Go To Myndos Ancient City By My Private Car?

You can reach it by your car. Click here to reach google maps.

Is There Public Transportation To Myndos Ancient City?

There are lots of public transportations to the city because the ancient city is close to the city center.

when needed, here is the link of Bodrum municipality.

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