Bodrum Castle

bodrum castle

The Bodrum Castle (Bodrum Kalesi) was built on the island known as Zephyirion in ancient times. Nevertheless, It is a peninsula now. It was built in 1406 by the knights of St. Jean headquarter of whom was Rhodes. Bodrum Castle preserves the original plan and character of the Knights Period and reflects Gothic architectural.

The castle is the one and only well-preserved example of the St. John knights. It is also one of the best preserved medieval monuments in the world. It stands as a monolithic heritage. Moreover, In the construction of the castle, the stones left after the destruction of Mausoleion ( one of the Seven Wonders of the World ) were used. It was only after the St Jean knights left Bodrum in 1523 that The Ottomans used it as a prison until the 19th century. It was damage because of the British and French bombardment during World War I.

How Can I Go To Bodrum Castle?

You can find many busses going to Bodrum from every city of turkey on a daily basis.

Can I Go To Bodrum Castle By My Private Car?

Absolutely yes and here the link of google maps.

Is There Any Public Transportation To The Castle?

It is located in the middle of the city center. Therefore, It is easy to reach there.

when needed, here is a link of Bodrum municipality.

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