Bodrum Underwater Archaeology Museum

bodrum underwater museum

Today, the Bodrum Castle harbors the Bodrum Underwater Archaeology Museum (Bodrum Sualtı Arkeoloji Müzesi). The Bodrum Underwater Archaeology Museum is one of the most important the world’s few and Türkiye’s only underwater museums. The museum was awarded “Special Praise” by the European Museum of the Year competition in 1995.

There are 14 exhibition halls and it has the richest Eastern Mediterranean Amphora collection in the world. The shipwrecks of Yassıada, Şeytan Deresi and Serçe Limanı are also exhibited in it. 3 tons of broken and unbroken glass was removed from the ship that sank in 1025, which is the oldest sunken ship wreck in the world. Additionally, the world’s largest Islamic Glass Collection is exhibited here.

The Bodrum Archaeology Museum consists of the Karyalı Princess Hall, English Tower, East Roman Wreck, Turkish Bath Exhibition, Glass Shipwreck Hall, German Tower, Coin and Jewellery Hall, Glass Hall, Hidden Museum Snake Tower, Uluburun Shipwreck, Dungeon, Commander’s Tower and Tektaş Glass Wreck sections. The largest Amphorae Collection is also in the here. Next to the cross vault, there is the Balta Tower with the “Queen Island” hall.

How Can I Go To Bodrum Underwater Archaeology Museum?

From every city in Turkey, There are busses to Bodrum province on daily basis and there are always public transportation in Bodrum. Moreover, If you want to go there by your private car, click here to reach google maps.

When needed, here is link of Bodrum Municipality.

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