Bodrum Ancient Theatre

bodrum ancient theatre

Bodrum ancient theatre is an astonishing building dating back to the 4th century BC. The construction is located in the north of Halicarnassus antique city on the southern slope of Göktepe. Bodrum ancient theatre was as a necropolis( a cemetery ). It has all the features of theatre prior to the Roman Imperial Period.

The Antique Theatre is the only building to have survived from the Classical Age of Bodrum. Of all the interesting features of the theatre, here is the altar, where the sacrifices were offered to Dionysus before the games. There are holes between some of the seats. they may have used it as a canopy. With a distance of 40 cm between each seat, the theatre has a capacity of 13,000 people.

when you get there, the first thing you will feel is astonishment and goosebumps. You feel as if all the ancient people are still cheering and having fun just in front of you. We hope you will feel the same and get all the thing it offers.

How Can I Go To Bodrum Ancient Theater?

From every corner of Turkey, there are busses to Bodrum on daily basis and you can take them safely.

Can I Go There By Private Car?

You can go there by your private car and click here to reach google maps.

when needed, here is a link of Mugla municipality.

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