Mugla, The Hometown Of Herodotus

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The Hidden Paradise Mugla

Mugla, connecting the Aegean and Mediterranean seas with its turquoise waters and virgin bays, awaits to be explored. It is like a hidden paradise. The sun, blue and green are mixed, shedding light on the history of ancient cities and ruins of past. Mugla has Türkiye’s longest coastline. It harbors lots of tourists with its historical and cultural values and natural beauties. The city is located in the south of the Aegean Region. As well as its astonishing sea and natural beauty, it was also home to many ancient civilizations (Carian, Lycian, Roman, Byzantine, and Seljuqian, as well as the Menteshe Principality, and the Ottomans).

In ancient times, this city took its name after Caria, Menteshe under the Turks, called Muğla today. Muğla was also mentioned in the works of the world famous traveler Evliya Celebi, and the famous historian Herodotus. Born in Bodrum (Halicarnassos),The father history Herodotus said the “Caria” came from the Aegean islands and settled in the region. On the other hand, the Turkish sailor Turgut Reis was an admiral in the Ottoman Empire’s navy. He is still known as the conqueror of Tripoli. Turgut Reis was born in this region, and the town he was born in was named after him.

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Muğla, visited by millions of people owing to its natural, historical and cultural beauties. Its districts Bodrum, Fethiye, Marmaris Turkey, Koycegiz, Datca, Milas, and Ortaca, and hundreds of bays awaits you to discover them.

As well as its enchanting sea, sand and sun; Muğla has a rich menu serving various other possibilities. Tourism types such as water sports, cycling and trekking, paragliding, green tourism, caves, health and cultural tourism create tourism diversity in the city. 

How Can I Go To Mugla?

To visit Mugla in Turkey, you have a few different transportation options to choose from, depending on your starting location and preferences. Here are some options for getting to Mugla:

  • Flying: If you’re coming from a distant location, the quickest and most convenient way to get to Mugla may be to fly. There are several airports in Turkey that offer flights to Mugla, including Bodrum Airport (BJV) and Dalaman Airport (DLM). From the airport, you can take a taxi or rental car to your final destination in Mugla. You can book your flight on Bookaway or you can get information about other ways of getting there.
  • Bus: Another option for getting to Mugla is by bus. Turkey has an extensive network of long-distance buses that connect major cities and towns. You can check bus schedules and purchase tickets online or at the bus station.
  • Car: If you have your own private car or are planning to rent one, you can use it to drive to Mugla. This option gives you the most flexibility and control over your itinerary, but it also requires you to navigate the roads and find parking on your own. Click here to reach google maps of Mugla.
  • Train: Turkey also has a network of trains that connect major cities and towns. You can check train schedules and purchase tickets online or at the train station.
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