How Was Coffee Introduced to Europe

how coffee was introduced to europe

Did Ottomans Introduced Coffee to Europe?

In this blog, you will learn how the coffee was introduced to Europe.

In the summer of 1683, the Ottoman army marched towards Vienna, determined to conquer the city and expand their empire. For months, the siege dragged on, with the Ottoman forces unleashing a barrage of attacks on the city’s walls, and the defenders fighting back with all their might.

One day, the Ottomans launched a surprise attack, and as they breached the city’s walls, they unleashed their secret weapon – sacks of coffee beans. The sacks spilled all over the place, and it left defending army mesmerized and surprised as to what these sacks contained.

Little did they know that these beans would soon change the course of history. For this was the first time that it had been introduced to Europe, and the taste and aroma of this exotic beverage soon captivated the European elite.

As the Ottomans made their way into the city, they discovered a new kind of trade – the trade of coffee. They began to set up coffee houses across the city. These establishments became a hub for social and political activity.

The Viennese were quick to embrace this new beverage, and soon, it became an integral part of their daily lives. Coffee houses started springing up across Europe, and It changed forever the world  on a fateful day in 1683. The Ottoman army introduced Europe to the wonders of coffee.

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