Turkish Phrases for Tourists (English-Speaking)

Turkish Phrases for tourists

Essential Turkish Phrases for English-Speaking Tourists

Turkey, a country that beautifully blends eastern and western cultures, is a must-visit destination for every English speaking tourists. But before you embark on this journey, equip yourself with some basic Turkish phrases for tourists that will enhance your travel experience. Here are some daily Turkish sentences that will come handy when you navigate through this beautiful country.

  1. Turkish Phrases for tourists: Greetings

    • How to say Hello in Turkish: “Merhaba”
    • How to say Good morning in Turkish: “Günaydın”
    • How to say Good evening in Turkish: “İyi akşamlar”
    • How to say Good night in Turkish: “İyi geceler”

  1. Basic conversation with Turkish Phrases for tourists:

    • How to say My name is… in Turkish: “Benim adım…”
    • How to say Yes in Turkish: “Evet”
    • How to say No in Turkish: “Hayır”
    • How to say Thank you in Turkish: “Teşekkür ederim”
    • How to say You’re welcome in Turkish: “Rica ederim”
    • How to say Please in Turkish: “Lütfen”
    • How to say Excuse me in Turkish: “Affedersiniz”

  1. Turkish Phrases for tourists: Navigational help

    • How to say Where is…? in Turkish: “… nerede?”
    • How to say How can I get to…? in Turkish: “… nasıl gidebilirim?”
    • How to say Left in Turkish: “Sol”
    • How to say Right in Turkish: “Sağ”
    • How to say Straight in Turkish: “Düz”

  1. Turkish Phrases for tourists at the restaurant:

    • How to say I would like to order… in Turkish: “… sipariş etmek istiyorum”
    • How to say Can I have the menu, please? in Turkish: “Menüyü alabilir miyim, lütfen?”
    • How to say Bill, please in Turkish: “Hesap, lütfen”

  1. Turkish Phrases for tourists: Shopping:

    • How to say How much is this? in Turkish: “Bu ne kadar?”
    • How to say Is there a discount? in Turkish: “İndirim var mı?”
  1. Turkish Phrases for tourists: Emergency

    • How to say Help in Turkish: “Yardım edin”
    • How to say I need a doctor in Turkish: “Bir doktora ihtiyacım var”
    • How to say Call the police in Turkish: “Polisi arayın”<

  1. Turkish Phrases for tourists: Travel & Transportation

    • How to say Bus station in Turkish: “Otogar”
    • How to say Train station in Turkish: “Tren istasyonu”
    • How to say Airport in Turkish: “Havaalanı”
    • How to say Ticket in Turkish: “Bilet”
    • How to say Where can I buy a ticket? in Turkish: “Bilet nereden alabilirim?”
  1. Turkish Phrases for tourists: Accommodation:

    • How to say Hotel in Turkish: “Otel”
    • How to say Room in Turkish: “Oda”
    • How to say Reservation in Turkish: “Rezervasyon”
    • How to say Do you have rooms available? in Turkish: “Müsait odanız var mı?”

  1. Asking for Directions in Turkish:

    • How to say Can you show me on the map? in Turkish: “Bana haritada gösterir misiniz?”
    • How to say Is it far? in Turkish: “Uzak mı?”
    • How to say Is it within walking distance? in Turkish: “Yürüme mesafesinde mi?”
  1. General Questions in Turkish:

  • How to say What is this? in Turkish: “Bu nedir?”
  • How to say What does it mean? in Turkish: “Bu ne anlama geliyor?”
  • How to say Can you speak English? in Turkish: “İngilizce konuşabilir misiniz?”
  • How to say Can you help me? in Turkish: “Bana yardımcı olabilir misiniz?”

  1. In the Market/Bazaar:

  • How to say I’m just looking, thank you in Turkish: “Sadece bakıyorum, teşekkürler”
  • How to say It’s too expensive in Turkish: “Çok pahalı”
  • How to say Can you lower the price? in Turkish: “Fiyatı düşürebilir misiniz?”

Learning these simple phrases will not only help you communicate better but also deepen your cultural experience in Turkey. Remember, language forms an integral part of travel, and even the smallest effort to speak the local language is always appreciated.

Enjoy your trip to Turkey, or as they say it in Turkish, “İyi yolculuklar!”

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