Aminthas Rock Tomb


There are many tombs carved on a steep slope in Fethiye. 3 of them are temple type and others reflect examples of civil architecture.This tomb is one of the three temple types and known as the “King’s Tomb” among the locals. It has remained relatively unchanged in comparison with the others. It was named as Aminthas Rock Tomb (Aminthas Mezarı) due to the inscription “Aminthas son of Hermapias” on the central part of the ante walls. The city is dated to the 4th century BCE. This Ionic Regular in antis (temple type with two columns between the antes) is the projected form of the front facade of a temple on the rock. The other tombs are the symbol of the city and on the same slope to the east. They are the best examples giving information about the metal and woodworking of the Lycian Region.

There is a depiction of a door divided into four main panels in the section. It opens to the burial chamber. There is a smooth and rough ceiling and three klines In it. Telmessos Ancient City (Telmessos Antik Kenti) and tombs must have been seen by many in the 18th and 19th centuries.

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