Underrated Summer Travel Ideas Turkey 2024

underrated summer travel ideas in turkey

Underrated Summer Travel Ideas Turkey 2024

In this blog, you will read every underrated summer travel ideas in Turkey!

  1. Kas: A charming town on Turkey’s Turquoise Coast. Kas is an underrated gem that offers beautiful beaches, clear water for diving, and proximity to ancient ruins. The town itself is full of character, with a charming harbor, whitewashed houses, and excellent restaurants. Read more for Kas, Antalya.

  2. Assos: Also known as Behramkale, it’s a small historically rich town in the Ayvacık district of the Çanakkale Province. It was once home to the great philosopher Aristotle. Explore the ancient ruins, including a hilltop temple dedicated to Athena and a well-preserved amphitheater. The town also offers gorgeous views of the Aegean Sea. Read more for Canakkale.
  3. Mount Ararat: Take the chance to climb Mount Ararat if you’re up for an adventure. Located near the border with Armenia and Iran, it is Turkey’s highest peak. The journey offers stunning vistas and a chance to get off the beaten path. If you are into history, You should read our blogs about Gobekli Tepe, Karahan Tepe and Boncuklu Tarla!

    Cappadocia’s Lesser-Known Areas as Underrated travel ideas in Turkey

    Most tourists visit Goreme when they head to Cappadocia, but there are other towns and regions in this area that are worth exploring. Consider visiting Ürgüp, Uçhisar, and Avanos, or try a hike through the Ihlara Valley. Read more for Cappadocia.

  4. Lake Van: As the largest lake in Turkey, it offers beautiful beaches, swimming, and historic sites like the medieval Armenian church of Akdamar Island.
  5. Amasra: A beautiful Black Sea coastal town with stunning panoramas, a charming old town, and excellent seafood.
  6. The Kackar Mountains: This lesser-visited mountain range in the eastern Black Sea region is a paradise for hikers and nature lovers. Explore the high-altitude meadows, traditional villages, and rugged peaks.

  7. Safranbolu: This UNESCO World Heritage town is a perfectly preserved Ottoman town. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time as you walk through Thea cobbled streets lined with historic homes. More of Safranbolu!
  8. The Ghost Village of Kayaköy: Near the popular resort area of Fethiye, Kayaköy is an abandoned village that was once home to a thriving Greek Orthodox community. Now, its stone houses and churches sit empty, offering a haunting but fascinating place to explore.
  9. Aizanoi: Often compared to the more famous Ephesus Turkey, Aizanoi receives far fewer visitors but is just as impressive. The site includes a well-preserved Roman stadium, a theatre, and a unique combined temple to Zeus and Cybele.
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