Ephesus Experience Museum Wins ‘Best Museum’ Award

ephesus experience museum best museum

Ephesus Experience Museum Wins ‘Best Museum’ Award

The Ephesus Experience Museum, located in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ephesus, has been awarded the prestigious ‘Best Museum’ title at the Mondo-Dr Awards. Known for its excellence in technology, design, and exhibition, the museum surpassed its competitors to achieve this significant recognition.

In the competition, the Ephesus Experience Museum outperformed notable museums such as Paris Eternal Mucha and Denmark’s Carl Nielsen and Regan Vest to secure a spot in the top four. In the final round, it competed against the Aramco VIP Visitor Center in Riyadh, India in Fashion in India, and Dome Des Invalides in Paris, ultimately winning the top prize.

The Mondo-Dr Awards, organized by the UK-based Mondiale Publishing, have been recognizing outstanding projects in the exhibition and hospitality sectors for seven years. This year’s ceremony took place on June 12 in Las Vegas, focusing on the design, visitor experience, and technical aspects of the venues.

Ephesus experience museum has been awarded as the best museum in the world

Developed and operated by DEM Museology under the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Ephesus Experience Museum is one of the first museums in the world to combine ‘Experience Museology’ with historical storytelling. TheEphesus offers visitors an immersive experience of daily life, architecture, and art in ancient Ephesus through advanced ‘Immersive’ technologies. These technologies create a rich, inclusive audiovisual experience, making the historical narratives come to life.

Designed by a diverse team of architects, curators, designers, artists, technology experts, historians, and archaeologists from leading companies and academic institutions in Turkey and around the world, the Ephesus Experience provides a unique and pioneering example of integrating advanced technology with historical storytelling.

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