Goreme Open Air Museum

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Goreme Open Air Museum

Goreme is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage site in 1985, Göreme casts its enigmatic charm for miles. The churches carved into these soft rocks sit still with mystery intact.

Goreme is thought that the inhabitants of Venessa (Avonos) used it as a necropolis during Roman times. The churches of Durmuş Kadir, Yusuf Koç, El Nazar, Saklı, Meryem Ana (Virgin Mary) and Kılıçlar cast a astonishing effect on visitors. The Goreme Open Air Museum is where the ideas of Christianity were united by St Basil the Great and his brothers. The architectural of the Tokalı church, Convent of Monks and Nuns, Chapel of St Basil, and the St. Barbara, Elmalı, Yılanlı, Karanlık and Çarıklı churches seem as alive as when they were first built.

The church interiors depict biblical scenes through detailed mural paintings as well as painted ornaments. One of the most important structures of the Goreme Open Air Museum is the Dark (Karanlık) Church and Tokalı (Buckled) Church. As for the Tokalı Church, built by an emperor, is striking with its decoration of imported lapis lazuli stone imported.

The wall paintings makes it shine like a pearl.  Dark (Karanlık) Church dates back to the end of the 11th century and the beginning of the 12th century. It was named in this way because it has only a small window in the narthex section. Nevertheless, the lack of light has made this church keep its beauty alive. It lets the interior resist time itself. Not only the church but narthex carries impressing depictions from the Bible. There is no doubt that this church will be on the top of your list.


How To Get To Goreme Open Air Museum?

To get to an open air museum, you will need to determine the location of the museum and then plan your travel accordingly. Some options for getting to an open air museum may include;

By Car: If you have a car, you can simply use a navigation system or map to find the best route to the museum. Be sure to leave plenty of time for the drive and remember to factor in any potential traffic delays. If you want to visit there, click here to reach google maps.

Public Transportation: Many cities have public transportation options such as buses or trains that can take you to the open air museum. You can check the schedule and route information for the public transportation system in the city where the museum is located.

Taxi or Rideshare Services: If you are unable to drive or don’t have access to public transportation, you can consider using a taxi or rideshare service to get to the museum.

Walking or Biking: If the museum is within a reasonable distance, you may be able to walk or bike there. This can be a good option if the weather is nice and you want to enjoy some exercise and fresh air.

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