Mustafapasa Village ( Greek Sinasos)

Mustafapasa village greek sinasos

Mustafapasa village is located 6 km to the south of Urgup. It is a hidden treasure with both architectural and cultural beauties. Many of Greek Christians lived in Cappadocia peacefully with their Muslim neighbours for years in Mustafapasa village. One place of these is Mustafapaşa. It was formerly known as Sinasos but it is now a peaceful little town off the main tourist trail. The Mansions (konak) show fine examples of stonework which is statuesque neo-classical facades. A short walking among them will take you back in time. When is ramadan 2024

The minaret of a 17th-century Seljuk mosque stands over one of the town’s two squares. The later attractions, including the Ottoman-era Şakir Paşa Madrasa and the impressive late 19th-century Church of Constantine and Helen, are both located in the center of town.

The Gomeda valley, to the west of Mustafapaşa, is one of the sanctuaries in which early Christians gathered between the first and 11th centuries for. It is very similar to the lhlara valley but a little bit smaller one. The walls of the valley are full of residences, churches and shelters from old days. The view from them and the river stretching through the valley are worth the visit. If you are into history, You should read our blogs about Gobekli Tepe, Karahan Tepe and Boncuklu Tarla!<

How To Get To Mustafapasa Village (Greek Sinasos)?

If you’re planning to visit this charming and historic village, there are several ways you can get there:

By car: Mustafapasa Village is easily accessible by car from many major cities in the region, including Ankara and Kayseri. The village is located along the main road that runs through Cappadocia, so it is well-connected to the rest of the region. Click here to reach google maps link of the village.

By bus: There are regular bus services that operate between Mustafapasa Village and other major cities in the region. You can catch a bus from the main bus terminal in the nearest city, or book tickets in advance through a travel agency.

By air: The nearest airport to Mustafapasa Village is Kayseri Erkilet International Airport, which is located about 70 kilometers away. From the airport, you can catch a bus or hire a car to make the journey to the village.

By tour: If you prefer, you can also visit Mustafapasa Village as part of a guided tour of the Cappadocia region. Many tour companies offer day trips or multi-day tours that include visits to Mustafapasa and other popular attractions in the area.

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