Istanbul Historic Landmarks and Districts


The Cradle of Culture and History Istanbul

The dynamic metropolis of Turkey, Istanbul is a city full of attraction. The past blends with the present and every step you take reminds you the golden times. The bridge connecting two continents – Europe and Asia – this beautiful city has embraced the best of both sides. With its fascinating historic landmarks, exceptional cuisine, vivid nightlife, music festivals, art museums, faith tours, successive halls of marketplaces and shopping centers and the beatiang heart of İstanbul, and the soul of Bosphorus under the watchful eye of the Maiden’s Tower is every traveller’s dream.

If the Earth were a single state, Istanbul would be its capital.  – Napoleon Bonaparte

Istanbul Historic Peninsula

The beautiful city of İstanbul has always attracted people from every country. Its strategic location and cultural heritage includes significant monuments, diverse traditions and cultures, and authentic cuisine.

İstanbul gets much of the tourists’ and travellers’ attention from its historical peninsula, what is now as Suriçi (Walled City). It was initially founded as a residential area. It was the capital of two different empires Eastern Roman and Ottoman Empire home to 4 continents’ people.

The ancient city walls encloses İstanbul on one side and the Bosphorus and the Golden Horn on the other one.

Visitors wander through the streets of Istanbul’s peninsula and seeing a wealth of Eastern Roman ruins and those of Ottoman. They will feel history as though you were in a time machine. It is the varied history of İstanbul that make the old city of İstanbul a must to visit.

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Beyoglu has always presented a vibrant, rich cultural place, and an important location for many visitors around the world. The district is a popular spot of activity that stretches for over 1 km. With some unique new developments, visitors and tourists go on a wonderful journey through the landmarks. A remarkable experience waits for you starting from Galataport, Karaköy, İstiklal Caddesi and ending up to newly transformed Taksim Square.

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Where Istanbul Settles Down

Beyoğlu is a true symphony of culture where East meets West and heart of İstanbul’s day and active nightlife. İstiklal Caddesi is the centre of the metropolis, while a labyrinth of narrow, dynamic alleys with splendid cafés, colorful bars, continental restaurants, historic cinemas, theatres, and shops stretches around it in all directions. Taksim Square, with its impressive Monument to the Republic, points the way to the open-air museum of Beyoğlu, past the Hagia Triada Orthodox Church and the Consulate buildings. İstanbul’s most recognised red trams in the world takes passengers to Rumeli Han, Atlas Pasajı, Cite de Pera, Çiçek Pasajı, Galatasaray High School and several landmarks.nt consulates.

Every year the Beyoğlu Culture Route Festival, the İstanbul International Film Festival, the İstanbul International Music Festival, the İstanbul International Theatre Festival, and the İstanbul International Jazz Festival are held in here and other districts. The district is also home to the Beyoğlu Emek Cinema, which harbors the annual Filmekimi film festival.

If you want to run away from the dynamic European side, for wonderful local streets and a walk along the Bosphorus and let the fresh sea air into your lungs, with impressive scene of the European  city and some impressive sights of landscape, faith, architecture, and culture then the inevitable charm of The Anatolian side will welcome you with a warm shoulder.

Must See Places In Istanbul 

Princes’ Islands

Island Getaways Of A Bygone Era

The Princes’ Islands of İstanbul in the Sea of Marmara is the perfect getaway for everybody in Istanbul. First, Visitors have a short and joyful ferry ride from the European and Anatolian shores of the historic city. Then, the islands offer a glimpse of a multicultural society of Türkiye and are strongly reminder of Ottoman Empire.

Also known as İstanbul Islands or Kızıl Adalar (red islands) are one of the most popular day trip destinations from İstanbul during the summer. Regularly, many ferries will take you from Regularly, many ferries will take you from the European and Anatolian coasts of the city to Büyükada, Kınalıada, Burgazada and Heybeliada Büyükada, Kınalıada, Burgazada and Heybeliada.The islands are a wonderful getaway for locals and visitors also, each with its own atmosphere will cast a spell on you.

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The group of nine islands, four larger and five smaller, is completely closed to modern traffic preserving the beauty and calmness of the environment and giving the destinations even more of a olden era feel. The new electric buses acting as a taxi service offering sightseeing tours are a great way to stroll in the streets of the islands. you may want to explore these picturesque spots on foot or by bike for the more as happy as kings adventurers. Filled with culture, history, and unrealistic scene and rich in their heritage, the islands were home to many of Türkiye’s significant ethnic minorities.

What To Do In Prince’s Island?

On all the islands, monasteries, churches, and mansions give the visitors a historical insight into the life of their residents and the architecture of different eras. And with the different cultures over the years, they have made the islands an incredibly interesting atmosphere to see.In 1800’s, the islands became a well-known place for Victorian-styled-era houses and mansions. They are still as colourful as ever on the largest island Büyükada. The Prince’s Islands of İstanbul is by far the best place to visit for a fun family day out. You will find a chance to just relax and take the sun and bathe for the day.

Visible from the mainland on a clear day, the islands are among popular trips for visitors of the city. Moreover, The four main islands of Büyükada, Heybeliada, Burgazada and Kınalıada all have beaches. They are mix of sandy and rocky beaches. Wooden or concrete bathing platforms are present above the water – and some have several private and public beach clubs.

While moving away from the ferry docks, you’ll find more tranquillity and better swimming spots on the islands. Burgazada and Kınalıada have some particularly nice spots. A smaller island, Sedef, is harder to reach by ferry, but you can take small boats so as to reach there from Büyükada.

Mother Nature & Her Beaches

The Green Garden of İstanbul

Although İstanbul might seem like a concrete city to some, there are many ways to get away from into nature providing you know where to find them. From public parks to endless forests, İstanbul’s precious green gems are waiting for you to be discovered. Therefore, visitors look for peace and quiet in nostalgic groves, adventure and camping in the wilderness, a recreational family day out. There is always something for everyone on both sides of the Bosphorus coast and even right in the city center.

Unknown Side Of İstanbul

Water Sports

If you want to experience İstanbul like a local, a trip to the beach is a must. It’s not surprise that people’re drawn to İstanbul’s beaches Marmara and the Black Sea, and miles of coastline on both.

The city and suburbs have a thriving beach culture. Beaches and bays stretch across the Black Sea coast in the north and the upper end of the Bosphorus. Moreover, You can relax in the center of nature while you’re sun tanning on the beaches, parks and clubs near Marmara.

Whether you’re looking for an island bay or beach park, there are water sports for you to enjoy in İstanbul.

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