Hadrian’s Gate in Antalya And Its History


Hadrian’s Gate Antalya

Antalya’s Hadrian’s Gate is a must-see attraction, renowned for its historical and aesthetic value. Hadrians’s Gate in Antalya the most stunning gate in Pamphylia and showcases the various civilizations having inhabited the region throughout history. In this blog, we will provide you with helpful information. We will try to make the most of your visit more joyful to this esteemed Antalya Museum. If you are into history, You should read our blogs about Gobekli Tepe, Karahan Tepe and Boncuklu Tarla!

What To Do At Hadrians’s Gate?

Hadrian’s Gate, also known as the Marble Gate, is a key attraction located in the city center of Antalya. It serves as the entrance to the historic Kaleiçi neighborhood and offers a picturesque walk to the marina. Visitors can also explore the charming Kaleiçi houses and browse souvenir shops. Along the city walls, there are numerous cafes and restaurants with views of the harbor.

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Aesthetic Beauty of Hadrian’s Gate

Hadrian’s Gate is the only surviving entrance gate in the city walls and harbor. It features two facades and three arches, each measuring 4.15 meters wide and 6.18 meters high. The gate stands at a total height of approximately 8 meters, with towers on either side. The ceilings of the arches are full with reliefs of flowers and fruits native to Antalya, and the columns are of acanthus leaves.

The gate is primarily constructed of white marble, with the exception of the columns, which bear resemblance to those in the Library of Celsus in Ephesus Turkey. The gate originally had a second floor above the arches. A statue of Emperor Hadrian once stood atop the structure. Hadrian’s Gate serves more as a monument than a defensive structure, as it was built during a time of peace.

The History Of Hadrian’s Gate

Visitors such as Evliya Çelebi and Corneille Le Bruyn visited Antalya during the New Age. However, they didn’t mention the Hadrian Gate although they mentioned the city. Having visited the city in 1812, Admiral Francis Beaufort of the HMS Fridericksteen provided the first information about the gate. Among early researchers, the person who described the gate in the most detailed way was Lanckoroński. He visited the city in 1882 and compiled detailed drawings and sketches in his work “Pamphylia and Pisidia Cities”. E. J. Davis noted that authorities attempted to reopen the closed entrance, but the attempt was unsuccessful in 1872. The owner of a house located immediately behind the entrance refused to allow the demolition of his house. If you want to get a book about ancient cities, click here for books.

Hadrian’s Gate Antalya

As a result of excavation by Mutasarrıf Turhan Pasha in 1882, the walls surrounding the Hadrian Gate were demolished. Consequently, they were able to reveal the half of the historic gate. During the excavation of the remaining part of the structure in the ground, the columns collapsed. In response, they added pyramid-shaped stone arches in place of the columns using the “Woven Dikilitaş” method. They removed these arches during the restoration in 1959 and replaced them with white marble columns suitable for the structure.

hadrian's gate antalya

In 2016, the municipality decided to create a green area in the front of the Hadrian Gate to the northeast for visitors to rest. The landscape of the green area adopted a sun form. They equipped the park with sun-shaped plant beds, benches and narrow paths, along with ground lighting. 

In 2021, The authorities paved the southwest front towards Kaleiçi with stone. The pavements were compatible with the old city. During renovations, They placed railings made of Alanya marble on the edges of the sidewalk. In this way, they made the environment compatible with history, and also made pedestrian access open from both sides of the gate.

How To Go To Hadrian’s Gate?

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From the city center or other parts of Antalya, you can reach Hadrian’s Gate by taxi, bus, or car.

Public transportation: You can take a bus or minibus to the city center and then walk to Hadrian’s Gate, which is located in the Kaleiçi neighborhood.

By private car: You can park in a nearby parking lot and then walk to the gate. Click here to reach google maps.

Tours: you can join a guided tour that includes a visit to Hadrian’s Gate, which may provide transportation to the site.

Tram: It is possible to take the tram to reach Hadrian’s Gate in Antalya. The tram system in Antalya is called the Antray and it has several stations throughout the city, including one in the city center near Hadrian’s Gate.

Antalya trams Hadrian’s Gate Antalya

When Is The Best Time To Visit Hadrian’s Gate?

Antalya is located in the southern part of Turkey, so the weather is very hot in the summer. If you don’t enjoy hot weather, the best time to visit this beautiful place may be in the spring or fall. However, if you are already in Antalya during the summer, we recommend you to visit in the evening or morning hours to avoid the heat.

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