Kızkumu : Marmaris Turkey



Kızkumu, 4 meters wide and 600 meters long, will allow you to walk on the sea especially during summer. It is one of the places that those who go to Marmaris Turkey should definitely visit. This beach is located in Orhaniye village. You can go to this unique place with your own vehicle, as well as by boat and safari tours. It is such a beautiful place that you will find yourself stuck between taking pictures and swimming in this beautiful sea during your stay. Marmaris waterpark

You can reach Kızkumu by public transport that departs hourly and enjoy the sun, sea and unique sands all day long. If you make a plan knowing that Orhaniye traditional bazaar is on Thursdays, you will both get to know the local people and enjoy the place.

The legend of Kızkumu ( the Sand of Love )

There are two legends about Kızkumu. According to the first legend, a beautiful princess, daughter of the King of Bybassos, and a fisherman fell in love. At night, the princess sneaks out to the beach and meets the fisherman. He points to the place where he is waiting for the meeting with a lamp in his hand, and when the fisherman sees the light, he hangs on the oars and goes to the meeting place with his boat. When the king learns that his daughter is secretly meeting with the fisherman at night, he sends his soldiers after the princess one night. When the girl goes down to the beach and lights the lamp, the soldiers catch her. The soldiers continue to shake the oil lamp to catch the fisherman.

The princess is freed from her hands and starts running towards the sea and a miracle happens; Every step he takes in the sea turns into sand, and the soldiers running after him sink into the sea. As the girl reunites with the fisherman, a soldier shoots his arrow at the boy. The arrow hits the princess, not the fisherman, and the princess dies there. The water turned into red with the blood of the princess. The beach ends where the princess died. The young man takes the princess killed by the arrow and disappears in his boat, and they are never seen again.

The Other Legend

According to the second legend, the king of Bybassos City loses the long-lasting war with his enemies. The princess of the kingdom, famous for her beauty, tries to escape from the enemies that have taken over the city. As a result of the miracle, the princess, who came to the seaside and could not swim, sprinkled the sand on her skirt, and a road begins to form on the sea. The princess, who lost her way due to the dark weather, dies by drowning when the sand on her skirt is gone.

How To Get To Kızkumu Marmaris?

There are several options for getting to Kızkumu from Marmaris:

Taxi: You can hail a taxi from anywhere in Marmaris and ask the driver to take you to Kızkumu. This will be the most convenient but also the most expensive option.

Bus: You can take a local bus from Marmaris to Kızkumu. The bus station is located in the center of Marmaris, and buses depart regularly throughout the day.

Car or scooter rental: You can rent a car or scooter in Marmaris and drive to Kızkumu. This will give you the freedom to explore the area at your own pace. If you want to go this beach, here is the link of it.

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