Konyaalti Beach Antalya

Konyaaltı beach antalya

Konyaalti Beach Antalya

This travel blog provides comprehensive information about Konyaalti Beach in Antalya. It includes details on what to expect during your visit, nearby attractions, entrance fees, and transportation options. It will be a helpful guide for those planning a trip to the beach.

Konyaalti Beach, on the Turkish Riviera west of Antalya, is considered to be the most popular beach in the city and one of the most popular nightlife destinations in the Antalya region. In addition to sea, sand, and sun, Konyaaltı Beach offers a lot of entertainment with quite a few attractions.

What To Do In Konyaalti Beach?

Konyaaltı beach

The lengthy Konyaalti Beach stretches from the cliffs of the antique town of Antalya. A roadway along the coast separates the beach from a variety of hotels. Our website offers a variety of hotel options to choose from.

Konyaalti Beach stretches for 13 km, primarily made up of small pebbles, with some sandy areas. The water is clean and clear, and the beach has been awarded “Blue Flag” status, indicating excellent water quality.

Konyaalti Beach is a favorite among both locals and international tourists. A variety of beach bars, cafes, and restaurants can be found along the beach. Sun umbrellas and loungers can be rented from the beach clubs, along with access to free restrooms, showers, and changing facilities. The most well-known section of the beach offering these types of facilities is Beach Park, which features a plethora of bars, restaurants, and sometimes live music performances.

The beach promenade also includes fitness equipment, playgrounds for children, and a basketball court. Visitors can also find shopping opportunities at the nearby boutiques.The beach also offers a range of water sports, providing entertainment and thrills for visitors. One of the popular activities is diving in shipwrecks.

The scenery at Konyaalti Beach is breathtaking, featuring the gleaming sea against the backdrop of the Taurus Mountains and steep cliffs. The beach is a popular spot not only during the day but also at night, as it offers a lively nightlife scene in Antalya. The eastern end of the beach, in particular, is known as a hot spot for party-goers, with its bars and beach clubs.

The Attractions Of Konyaalti Beach

A notable attraction is Aqualand Aqua Park, home to Dolphinland, where visitors can watch dolphin shows and other marine-life-related performances. Aside from the picturesque sea, the beach area offers a variety of entertaining options, such as an amphitheater and Aktur Park which features the second-largest Ferris wheel in Europe.

akturk park konyaalti

The beach is located near Atatürk Park, offering shaded picnic tables and restaurants. It makes it an ideal spot to relax among greenery. For those seeking a more peaceful environment, the western end of the beach tends to be less crowded. A trip on the Tünektepe Teleferik cable car at the west end of the beach is a must-do as it provides a stunning view of the sea and surrounding mountains.

How To Get To The Konyaalti Beach?

By Private Car: 

If you get to Konyaalti Beach by private car, you can reach the beach by driving on the D400 coastal road. There are several parking options available near the beach. You can also use a navigation system or a map to reach the beach. Keep in mind that during the peak season, traffic can be heavy, so it’s better to plan your trip accordingly and allow enough time to reach the beach.

By Public Transportation: 

If you get to Konyaalti Beach by public transportation, one option is to take a bus from the city center. The Antalya Metropolitan Municipality operates several bus lines that connect the city center with the Konyaaltı Beach. You can check the schedule and route of the buses on the website of the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality or ask at your hotel reception or tourist office. Another option is the metro. The Antalya metro system connects the city center to the western end of the beach in Konyaalti.

You can also take a dolmus (minibus) which is a shared taxi that runs a specific route, it is also a common way of transportation in Turkey. They usually run more frequently than buses and can drop you off closer to your destination.

By Taxi: If you get to Konyaalti Beach by taxi, it is relatively easy to find one in the city center or at the airport. You can call Taxis by phone or through mobile apps, such as “BiTaksi” or “Yandex Taxi”. It’s always a good idea to agree on the fare before starting the journey, in order to avoid any misunderstandings.

Where Is Konyaalti Beach?

Konyaaltı Beach is on the western coast of Antalya, Turkey. It is in the west of the city center and is easily accessible via the D400 coastal road. The beach is one of the most popular beaches in the Antalya region. It is famous for its clear water and lively nightlife scene.

Konyaalti Beach Entrance Fee

It is totally free of charge but water sports and other personal expenses are on you.

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