Best Spotting Places in Turkiye

Plane spotting in Turkiye is a thrilling hobby that combines a love for aviation with photography. Turkey, with its bustling airports and beautiful landscapes, offers numerous fantastic locations for capturing stunning images of planes. Whether you’re an avid plane spotter or a casual photographer, here are some of the best spots to take pictures of planes in Turkey.

Where are the Best Places to Take Pictures of Planes in Turkey?

The best places to take unique pictures of places (spotting) in Turkiye is Dalaman town on Dalgakıran beach but there are lots of other places in Turkey, here is your list!

1. Dalaman Airport (DLM) – Dalgakıran Beach Spotting in Turkiye

Kayacık Beach, located near Dalaman Airport, is a prime spot for plane photography. The beach provides an unobstructed view of the planes as they approach and take off, framed by the beautiful Aegean coastline. The combination of the sea, sand, and aircraft makes for breathtaking shots, especially during sunrise and sunset.

2. Istanbul Atatürk Airport (IST) – Florya Park

Florya Park is a popular spot for plane spotting near Istanbul Atatürk Airport which is now only used by private jets. The park is situated close to the runway, providing excellent views of planes landing and taking off. It’s a great place to spend a day enjoying both the park’s amenities and the thrilling sights of aircraft.

3. Istanbul Airport (IST) – Tayakadın Village

Tayakadın Village offers fantastic vantage points near the new Istanbul Airport. This village is close enough to the airport to capture detailed shots of planes during their approach and departure, with the village’s rural charm adding a unique backdrop to your photos.

4. Sabiha Gökçen Airport (SAW)

Pendik Marina, located near Sabiha Gökçen Airport, provides an excellent spot for photographing planes with the marina and the sea in the background. You need to get closer to the airport but we don’t recommend SAW for spotting much.

5. Antalya Airport (AYT) – Lara Beach Spotting in Turkiye

Lara Beach is one of the best locations near Antalya Airport for plane spotting. The beach’s proximity to the airport allows for impressive shots of planes flying low over the Mediterranean Sea. The clear blue waters and sandy beach create a stunning contrast with the aircraft.

6. Esenboğa Airport (ESB)

Pursaklar, a suburban area near Esenboğa Airport in Ankara, is another great location for plane photography. The area offers clear views of planes approaching and departing, with the cityscape providing an interesting backdrop.

7. Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport (ADB) – Gaziemir

Gaziemir, a town near Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport, offers excellent spots for capturing planes. The town’s elevated areas provide panoramic views of the airport, making it easier to get those perfect shots.

8. Bodrum Milas Airport (BJV) – Güllük Spotting in Turkiye

Güllük, a village near Bodrum Milas Airport, is a hidden gem for plane spotting. The village’s location offers stunning views of planes approaching the runway, with the picturesque coastal scenery adding to the charm.

9. Trabzon Airport (TZX) – Ganita Beach

Ganita Beach, near Trabzon Airport, is an ideal spot for capturing planes with the Black Sea as a backdrop. The beach provides an unobstructed view of planes flying overhead, making it perfect for both morning and evening photography sessions.

Tips for Plane Spotting in Turkiye

Timing: The golden hour (early morning or late afternoon) provides the best lighting for photography.

Safety: Always respect airport boundaries and security measures. Stay in designated public areas and avoid restricted zones.

Equipment: A good telephoto lens (200mm or longer) will help you capture detailed shots of planes from a distance.

Whether you’re in it for the thrill of the chase or the love of aviation, these spots in Turkey offer some of the best opportunities to capture stunning images of planes. Happy spotting!

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