Dalaman City Centre: An Underrated Attraction In Turkey

dalaman city centre

Dalaman City Centre

In this article, we will talk about places that will interest people who love to travel and have an interest in aviation. This article will re-introduce you to Dalaman.

Dalaman is a popular destination for both local and foreign tourists, although it is not well known as a city center. Foreign visitors usually use Dalaman Airport as a transit point, while local visitors are familiar with Dalaman due to its airport and Sarigerme beach.

Sarıgerme Beach

dalaman sarigerme

Actually, you need to spend a day in Dalaman as there are many things to do. The first one is to visit the well-known Sarigerme beach and enjoy the sea and sun before the hottest time of the day arrives. This activity will take about 3-4 hours of your day. If you go to the beach around 9 in the morning when the sea is calmest, you can finish the beach activities and leave for lunch before the sun shines at its strongest.

Local Seafood Restaurants Of Dalaman

dalaman seafood restaurants

Another activity I recommend for the noon hours is visiting local restaurants in Dalaman. These places may not meet your expectations if you are looking for luxury. This is because these dining establishments are actually fishing and serving fresh seafood products to their customers. Each one is a local family restaurant and they prefer to offer a healthy and satisfying dining experience instead of luxurious service. The flavors you must try are seasonal fish, blue crab, and octopus salad. Not visiting these places and not trying these flavors during an Aegean vacation will be a big loss for you. The meal will end around 3:00 p.m. 

Sıgla Restaurant Dalaman

Sigla restaurant dalaman

You should visit Sıgla Restaurant. Sıgla is actually the name of a tree. This restaurant is located in the heart of the city, under Sıgla trees, where you can taste all local and regional foods. Local people and people from the surrounding area come together for a nice lunch or dinner. You deserve a nice relaxing time with your family or friends.

St. Martin Of Dalaman


Kavacik Dalgakıran breakwater

If you come to Dalaman, one of my favorite places is called Dalgakiran. Dalgakiran means breakwater. This place is located at the end of the Dalaman airport. It is a place where the Dalaman river and the Aegean sea meet. After the sun sets, the residents of the city come here to enjoy drinks and snacks. People chat while watching the moonlight and some groups play music and dance. Do not hesitate to join them and enjoy the music!

Typically, flight activities start after 8 PM and the shore takes on a different appearance. As the airplanes approach the Dalaman airport, they can be seen from 25-30 km away. In the evening, the approach to the airport is over the sea, so the light from the airplane’s lights illuminates the entire sea and the plane passes directly overhead about 15-20 seconds before it touches down. Yes, directly overhead! This altitude is usually around 35-40 meters. If you are in the tourist season, you can expect to be treated to a visual feast of 30-35 flights in one night. You no longer have to go to St. Martin to see this view. 

Dalaman Airport

After a day in Dalaman, you can continue your journey to places like Marmaris Turkey, Fethiye, Antalya. You may stay in Dalaman for a day once a year to see this beautiful view again. Have a great holiday!

How to get to Dalaman or Get to the nearby attractions?

You may wonder how to get to nearby towns or cities from Dalaman such as Antalya, İcmeler, Oludeniz( the blue lagoon ) etc. We have prepared a list of private cars or minivans. People generally think these options are expensive but Bookaway offers you the best budget friendly ones. Check the website and see it yourself!

How To Get To Dalgakiran?

There is no public bus or any other transportation. You can take a taksi or you have to go there by your own car. You can reach google maps link of Dalgakiran Dalaman by clicking here.

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