What to do in Marmaris

what to do in marmaris

What to do in Marmaris is wondered by everybody who wants to visit Marmaris. Marmaris Turkey is where lush green mountains meet crystal-clear blues, making it one of Turkey’s most beautiful summer vacation destinations. Offering endless entertainment until dawn or tranquil moments amidst nature, Marmaris is a unique holiday resort with countless places to visit and things to do.

Marmaris warmly welcomes guests staying in luxurious, comfortable, and exclusive hotels, backpackers, families with children, and even those preferring budget-friendly pensions. The town enjoys a long summer season, with the sea warm enough for swimming from April to November. Whether you’re staying in an all-inclusive hotel in Marmaris, a bed and breakfast in Selimiye, or an apartment hotel in Siteler District, don’t end your vacation without exploring its swimmable bays, photograph-worthy historical structures, and ancient cities.

Marmaris Beaches

With its crystal-clear azure sea, Marmaris offers unforgettable summer vacations with its beautiful bays and magnificent beaches. Along the coast stretching approximately 10 km from Marmaris Center to İçmeler, public beaches, private beaches, hotels, cafes, and restaurants line up side by side. Nestled at the foot of lush green mountains, the town is always blessed with warm and clean seas due to the protection from harsh land winds. Starting from Marmaris center, the most beautiful beaches in the bays and islands include:

  • Public Beach: The closest beach to center and the most popular one. Extending to Uzunyalı Beach, it’s favored for its soft sands and clean sea, making it one of the best places to swim in the town.
  • Uzunyalı Beach: Begins right after Public Beach and stretches for about 10 kilometers to İçmeler. The beachfront offers a variety of restaurants and cafes catering to different tastes, as well as shops selling essentials like swimwear, sunglasses, and beach towels.
  • İçmeler Bay: About 8 km from Marmaris center, İçmeler Bay is arguably the region’s most popular beach. Accessible by minibuses from the center in about 10-15 minutes, İçmeler Beach is famous for its golden sandy shores and clear blue waters, stretching 6 km long. Here, you can rent water sports equipment like jet skis, bananas, and parasailing gear to add excitement to your vacation.
marmaris icmeler
  • Turunç Bay: Located 21 km from Marmaris center, Turunç Beach is one of the Blue Flag beaches. With a shorter coastline, Turunç Bay offers a peaceful atmosphere away from the crowds, shaded by pine forests. Those staying in Turunç hotels and apartments usually prefer not to go far for a swim. Don’t miss visiting Amos Bay nearby to explore the ancient city of Amos.
turunc bay marmaris
  • Cleopatra Beach: Accessible by day trips from Marmaris, Cleopatra Beach on Sedir Island amazes everyone with its soft golden sands and crystal-clear sea. The island also hosts the ancient city of Kedrai, adding a unique touch to your Marmaris vacation with its historical remnants.
Marmaris Cleopatra Island Beach in Marmaris turkey

Historical Sites in Marmaris

  • Marmaris Castle: Serving as a lookout and protection for Marmaris, a port city, Marmaris Castle is among the top historical sites to visit in the town center. Believed to have been constructed in BC times and expanded over the years, the castle was further fortified during the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent before the 1522 Siege of Rhodes. The Museum, opened inside the castle in 1991, sheds light on the history of the town with its two archaeology and one ethnography halls.
Marmaris Castle in Marmaris Turkey
  • Knidos Ancient City: Situated at the tip of the Datça Peninsula, where the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas meet, Knidos was one of the most important port cities of Western Anatolia. A member of the Dorian Hexapolis, Knidos thrived on trade and had two harbors, military and commercial. Visitors can see well-preserved remains such as the Doric Temple, Apollo Temple and Altar, Round Temple and Altar, Council House, Corinthian Temple, sundial indicating seasons and time, Theatre, Dionysus Temple and Stoa, Terrace Houses, and Odeon.

Marmaris Marinas

Marmaris Marina offers various marinas for yachts and private boats, with the closest to the center being the Netsel Yacht Marina, accommodating 750 yachts. Netsel Marina offers a privileged atmosphere with luxury brand stores, yachting supplies, and upscale restaurants and bars. Martı Marina & Yacht Club serves yachts anchoring in Orhaniye, surrounded by hotels, restaurants, swimming pools, markets, and bars. Another option for blue voyage yachts is the Municipal Quay, offering more affordable rates and located right below Marmaris Castle.

marmaris marina

Shopping in Marmaris

The first stop for those wanting to shop in Marmaris is Grand Bazaar Marmaris in the center, popular among foreign tourists for its jewelers, leather clothing stores, and carpet shops. The market offers an authentic atmosphere every visitor to Marmaris should experience. İçmeler’s Wednesday Market, close to the center, and Beldibi’s Sunday Market are other important shopping spots, offering a wide range of products from fresh fruits and vegetables to clothing and household textiles.

Marmaris Waterpark

Essential for a fun-filled summer vacation, Marmaris waterparks offer enjoyable water activities for all ages. Atlantis Waterpark in Uzunyalı, with its various slides, children’s pools, mini bowling, and mini-golf, provides a fun atmosphere for the whole day. Aqua Dream Waterpark, with its capacity for over 1000 guests and numerous slides, awaits those looking for an exciting day.

Marmaris Daily Boat Tours

With its unique geographical position intertwined with the sea, Marmaris features numerous bays and islands. In addition to tours exploring Marmaris bays, there are also daily tours to Rhodes. Joining daily tours allows easy exploration of various bays and caves, offering the privilege of swimming in the open sea and visiting special spots like Sedir Island and Cleopatra Beach, with opportunities to encounter Caretta carettas.

Marmaris Vacation Tips

Set in a terrain covered with magnificent pine forests and hilly landscapes, Marmaris offers numerous activities for nature sports enthusiasts. Experience a small-scale off-road adventure with a jeep safari, or explore the natural beauty more closely and entertainingly with ATV tours and horse riding tours. Don’t forget to bring your passport, valid for at least six months, to join the daily Rhodes tours from the center, allowing for an unforgettable day on this beautiful Greek island with a visa at the door. For adrenaline junkies, joining rafting tours on the Dalaman River offers the thrill of paddling against rapid waters.

Marmaris Nightlife

Known for its vibrant nightlife, the town offers a variety of entertainment venues suitable for different tastes, including nightclubs, bars, and restaurants where you can dance until dawn and enjoy DJ parties. Many establishments offer live music, ensuring you’ll find something to match your musical preferences among the dozens of options.

The nightlife around the town Bar Street is not limited to discos, nightclubs, and bars; there are also options for karaoke enthusiasts. With its unique beauty by day and night, the town offers countless vacation options suitable for every budget and taste, ensuring guests of all ages return home with unforgettable memories. To enjoy a more affordable vacation in the town, don’t forget to take advantage of early booking opportunities.

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