Not being far from Red Valley, Cavusin village also lies within minutes from Göreme. this looks like an ordinary village at first. However, the path will take you to ancient ruins and fairy chimneys making their way to the village square. You probably want to explore the ruins further. Just follow the tracks and you will end up in an area famous for its churches and clergy houses. You can reach one of the oldest churches, built between 1st and 10th centuries.if you prolong your walk for half an hour, you can reach the churches in Gulludere and Kızılçukur though the most charming site inviting you just near the slope of a cliff:  one of the oldest and the largest in Cappadocia, the Church of St John the Baptist in Ephesus Turkey.

How To Go To Cavusin from Nevsehir?

Cavusin is a village located in the Cappadocia region of Turkey. To get to Cavusin, you can follow these steps:

Plan your route: If you are traveling from within Turkey, you can use a map or a GPS navigation system to plan the most efficient route to Çavuşin. If you are traveling from outside of Turkey, you will need to fly into a major airport, such as Istanbul Atatürk Airport or Ankara Esenboğa Airport, and then take a domestic flight to a nearby airport, such as Nevşehir Kapadokya Airport. 

Arrange transportation: From the airport, you can arrange for transportation to Cavusin. This can be done through a rental car company, a private transfer service, or a public bus or shuttle service. We have gathered all the possible way to reach Cavusin from Nevsehir and make you travel safe besides comfort!

Click here to reach google maps of Cavusin.

Enjoy your trip: Once you arrive in Çavuşin, you can explore the village and its surroundings, visit nearby attractions, and enjoy the beauty of the Cappadocia region. Some popular activities in the area include hot air balloon rides, hiking, and visiting underground cities and rock-cut churches.

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